Why Black Framed Windows are All the Rage

black framed windows

Recent design trends have been heavily influenced by industrial-inspired interiors, but that doesn’t mean that homeowners need to embrace every element of industrial-style design. In fact, they can embrace a modern style without sacrificing comfort and beauty by simply incorporating elements such as black framed windows into their remodels. Read on to find out why this particular aspect of industrial design has become so popular in recent years.

Unique Style

black framed windowsWhile most homeowners consider white the go-to color for window frames, traditional white framed windows just don’t provide the same kind of drama and style as their black counterparts. Even homeowners who like to embrace a more traditional aesthetic have been jumping on the bandwagon and installing black window frames, as they offer a level of elegance that perfectly complements just about any design. After all, black goes with just about everything.

Blending In

While it’s true that black framed windows offer a unique aesthetic, they don’t stand out as much as white frames. In fact, they lead the eye to focus on other aspects of the home’s design and its views of the exterior. This can be particularly beneficial to homeowners whose houses have other unique design features such as wood siding or unique lighting.

Create Contrast

Since most homeowners tend to gravitate toward white and light colors for their interior walls, black frames create a strong contrast that generates immense visual appeal. This design trend can completely change the appearance of just about any room, making the space look bigger and adding an element of visual interest that would simply be impossible to match with white frames.

Timeless Beauty

While black frames tend to be more expensive than their more traditional white counterparts, they provide a timeless beauty that will perfectly complement future interior design changes as well as the home’s current layout. Their longevity and timelessness help to offset their higher initial investment cost, as it eliminates the need for purchasing new windows next time homeowners decide to remodel. Those who are building new homes with the help of custom home builders will find that incorporating black frames into their designs is the perfect way to improve a home’s curb appeal and ensure that it will look fantastic for years to come.

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