Response To Hyde Park Mt. Lookout IDC

I really can’t believe this!  There is also a big misconception that it’s only lot spilts as well!   ALL(I repeat ALL) demo permits have to go though IDC process in Hyde Park and mt. Lookout.  Which means that people that own unsafe homes and want to teardown and rebuild will now be subject to the opinions of others.  I am not certain about sheds or parts of your house demoed but think about if you have a shed or old addition you want to teardown and build an addition in its place.  This is over stepping boundaries!  Normal people that work their butts off don’t follow this stuff on a day to day basis.  Then when they go to do something they realize how overreaching our government has become!  I have a couple/homeowner (she is a P&Ger and he works at Kroger) right now that has bought a house and wants to tear it down and build a new home to start a family..  This old house is in terrible shape and is not even safe to walk into.  EBTH wouldn’t even let people come through this house to buy the estate items it was so bad.  Neighbors are welcoming a build because it was so bad.  There are multiple violations(ironically from the city) that need to be addressed.  If we tear down those safety issues go away! We already had plans drawn and are ready to go!  Now we have to go through this process.  Almost 2 years worth a work is now subject to opinion.  Everyone thinks it’s just the builders.  This couple searched for a home in Hyde park for almost a year and couldn’t find anything that fit their needs.  Then turned to looking for a lot to build, which took almost the same time.  They finallly found a lot, and we created plans with them.  Then this was passed so quickly it made my head spin.  Spent 10’s of thousands of dollars and now it could be rejected.

These people now own a home in terrible shape that they bought for the sole purpose to teardown.  They have a loan out on the property.  Everything is in place to start.  Think about that..  Interest.  Hassle.  Emotional distress of homeowners.  Builders time.  Attorneys time.  Surveyors time.  Architects time.  Real estate agents time.  Lots of hands in the economy of building a home have touched this.  

This is already too long of a response, for that I apologize, but I think people need to wake up and pay attention to what the government is really asking of our property rights..

Matt Stanley

Owner of Legendary Custom Homes

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