Craftsman Style Homes In Cincinnati

When I was a little guy, my mom use to drive me around to all of her jobsites.  She always talks and jokes about one instance when I said that my favorite style home was a “Colonium”.  What I was really trying to say was that my favorite style home was a Colonial.  Even when I was young I was always attracted to the exterior of houses.  When I saw my first Craftsman style home, I was in love and I started researching everything that had to do with Craftsman Style Architecture.  I began to read up on Gustav Stickley, the man responsible for the craftsman movement. Gustav Stickley built the first craftsman home in 1900 in Syracuse, NY and the rest is history.  I also began to talk with other people that were attracted to Craftsman style homes.  One person I knew I had to meet was Laraine Shape (owner of the website Sears Houes In Cincinnati).  I called her and set up a meeting in Madeira at Coffee Please and I immediatley knew I would like her.  She loves craftsman and sears homes more than I do!  We talked for a couple hours about houses and about our favorite sears homes (mine is the Kilbourne shown below).  She also talked with me about a lady named Beatrice Lask.  Beatrice did a thesis on sears homes when she attended the Universtiy of Cincinnati.  It took her 2 years and she documented over 500 craftsman style sears homes all over the tri-state Cincinnati area.  That was back when there was no google street view.  She had a book of plans and drove around Cincinnati looking for craftsman style homes.  Here thesis is here: Beatrice Lask Thesis

I try to get as much information as I can on the subject.  I read books about them on vacation, I am constantly on Pintrest and Houzz looking at different craftsmans details and exteriors.  I am constantly looking for ideas for craftsman style homes.

Here are the top 10 reasons why I LOVE craftsman style homes.

1.  Low pitched roofs

2.  Eve brackets

3.  Mixture of stone, shakes and siding

4.  Exterior trim details

5.  Huge dormers

6.  Large overhanging eves

7.  Craftsman style front doors with dental shelf

8.  Big front porches

9.  Tapered front porch columns

10.  They are the sexiest looking houses you can build  (Craftsman style homes are the most popular style home in 33 of 50 states)

Thanks for stopping by the website.  If you have any questions about craftsman style homes, do not hesistate to ask!


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  • I absolutely love the interior design; woodwork, quality craftsmanship, etc of a Craftsman style home. I want one when I grow up. I live in a house that was built in 1910 and loved the foyer when I entered the house. The rest is history. I’m not sure what style is really. I know it’s not a Craftsman but I love it. It’s a frame house and it need more work. One day it will be restored to its former glory.