Bigger is NOT always better!



After finishing a full house rehab on a 1200 square foot ranch home in Madeira, I was standing there while others gathered around the 6ft island and I thought to myself “I could live here”! For days I have thought about this house we had renovated. Why do we complicate our lives with more square footage? Why are “new builds” in Madeira the only option? How much wasted space do I actually have in my current house? Could I really lose my office space or at least downsize? Could I lose cabinet space, square footage from the living room, master bedroom, etc.? After standing there in this smaller home I honestly knew that I could. I could raise my family in that house. It became apparent that it wasn’t the square footage that really was the issue to me. For me, it’s about the finishes and the open concept that we created.

I have been asking myself this for weeks, “Do other people think the same way as me?” I am still trying to find out if people do. With the correct layout and finishes, any single one of these cape cod or ranch houses in Madeira could be the perfect place to raise a family or entertain guests. Take this 1200 square foot ranch on Mapleleaf in Madeira. Huge island, VERY open floor plan and great all season room out back. Would people be willing to spend $250K on a completely updated older house (done the right way, inspections, updates, etc)? What if we added a true two story to a cape cod(have awesome plans in the works for this), and took the bedrooms off the first floor and put them upstairs with a master bath? Would people pay $399K for high-end finishes on a smaller house? This is the 1 million dollar question that I hope to find out shortly. There are plenty of homes being torn down in Madeira that could serve this purpose and give people a housing option that is more affordable than tearing a house down.

Honestly though, these have to be done RIGHT! Anyone can go in and paint, add new hardwoods, carpet, etc. I am talking about making this house feel like a new home. New plumbing, new HVAC, new drywall, master bath, nice size closets, etc. With high end finishes. Please check back occasionally to my blog, we will be working on this exact same type project in the near future. Please call or email if you have any questions about building new or designing and renovating an existing cap code or ranch in Madeira.

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Matt Stanley

Owner at Legendary Custom Homes (LCH)


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