Construction Phases

Phase 1: Excavation

In an ideal situation, this stage goes rather quickly. Inclement weather, however, can slow this process down considerably. Items to be completed during this phase are:

Stake out: The engineer surveys the site and stakes the building position on the lot
Excavation: Digging the hole for footings and foundation
Footing: Concrete base on which the foundation rests
Gravel: Filled around the footing and under the basement slab for drainage purposes
Drain tile installation: Will move water away from your foundation

Phase 2: Foundation

In this phase you will see:

Foundation: Concrete poured into foundation form panels
Waterproofing: Water sealer sprayed on portion of foundation to be backfilled
Foundation backfill: placing soil around the foundation walls
Lower rough plumbing completed
Pour basement and garage slabs: Placing and finishing of concrete floors

Phase 3: Framing

This is the phase where things really appear to take shape. Actually, you are only about 1/3 of the way through the schedule at this point. The phases beyond this may seem much slower in progress. That is because we are getting into the fine details which may not be as apparent but are vital to the finished home. In the framing stage you will see:

Framing: Flooring, walls and roof structure
Windows & Doors: Windows and door units are installed
Utility Lines: Underground electric, water, gas, etc. are run
Shingles: Covering roof structure for weather protection

Phase 4: Rough Mechanics

Rough mechanics is the term used for the plumbing, heating and wiring portions of building, many of which are within floors and walls. You will see the following items, some of which may be going on simultaneously, during this phase:

Plumbing: Piping for water supply and lines for waste. Outside sewer: Tying into the public lines
Heating: Installation of furnaces , heat supply lines, return air lines, and vents.
Electric: Wiring for electrical outlets, switches, etc.
Insulation: Insulation will be installed in the wall cavities.
Gas Fireplace installation
Stock drywall: Sheets of gypsum board will be placed in rooms for future installation
Pre-Drywall Review: We review all work performed to this point, ensuring that it is built per plan.

Phase 5: Drywall

This is another phase which shows progress rather quickly. Rooms are separated and divided, giving you the visual effect of each space. These things will occur during this phase:

Drywall Hang: Gypsum board is fastened to the walls and ceiling members
Drywall finish: This is done in several stages. Drying time is allowed between coats of compound
Outside Trim: Trim boards on exterior of home are installed as per plan
Insulate Ceiling: Flat portions of the ceilings are insulated after drywall
Siding Installation
Brickwork/ Stonework
Rough Grade: Site is graded for drainage and for placement of driveway, patios, walkways etc.
Garage door installation

Phase 6: Finish

This is probably the most exciting phase. You will see the highly visible products you have chosen and will live with in your new home. The items covered in this phase are:

Hard Flooring: Vinyl, ceramic, hardwood are installed per selections
Finish Carpentry: Cabinets, countertops, mirrors, doors, trim, rails, baseboards, crown molding etc.
Exterior concrete: Driveways, porches, walks, patios etc.
Interior Paint: Walls and trim are painted per selections
Exterior Paint: Trim, garage door, front door and other elements as applicable are painted
Kitchen appliances: Appliances are installed per selections

Phase 7: Finished Mechanics.

Finished mechanics are the visible portions of the rough mechanics. This is generally an anxious time for many homebuyers. Your home is nearing completion and you are awaiting a finish date. In this phase, you will see:

Plumbing finish: Faucets, shower heads, supply lines to faucets, commodes etc.
Electrical Finish: Switches, plug and plate covers, light fixtures
Heating finish: return air grill covers, supply register covers, thermostat, outdoor unit.
Final Grade: site is graded to finish grade. Landscaping with seed & straw or sod is installed.
Carpet: Carpet and padding per selections is installed

Phase 8: Final Stage

Finishing touches are added, inspections scheduled and completed.
Cleaning: a cleaning crew will final clean your home including basement and garage.
Pre-Settlement walk through of the home prior to scheduling a closing. At this walk through you should note any deficiencies, and you should work with your builder to get all deficiencies resolved prior to closing.
Closing: Once all inspections and walk-through are completed, you will sit at the closing table with your builder and officially buy the home, sign the appropriate mortgage documents, and become the owner of a brand new home.
Celebration & Housewarming: No new home purchase is complete without a little housewarming party to show all of your friends and family your beautiful new home. Just think: you could host the next holiday or birthday party in your brand new kitchen. Enjoy!